Medical Information

Parents are advised to inform the School in writing, in case their ward is allergic to any of the following medicines used in our
School for providing First-Aid to children:

MEDICINES Pudin Hara, Hajmola, Meftal-S - for Stomach-ache
Meftal-P, Crocin, Paracetamol - for Fever, Cold and Body-ache
Perinorm ,Avomine - for Vomiting
Dettol ,Savlon ,Betadine ,Soframycin - for External Application
Alerid - for Allergy
Honitus ,Sualin Tablets ,Koflet Tablets - for Cough and Cold
Ofloxacin eyes and ear drops - for Irritation in eyes and ear
Sporlac-DS - upset stomach/ loose motions

The following period of isolation is recommended for the chronic ailments,
which must be notified and has to be strictly followed by the parents :

AILMENT PERIOD OF ISOLATION (Student is not to be sent to school)
Measles For 5 days after the rashes disappear
Mumps For 1 week after the swelling goes down
Chicken Pox Till all the blisters dry and fall
Conjunctivities Till no white discharge comes out of the eyes