Read all the rules and guidelines given below carefully and abide by the rules laid down by the School Authorities. It is also desired that the parents/ guardians should advise their wards about the contents given below.

  1. Any communication made by you should be addressed to the Principal/ Headmistress through the class teacher with the name, class and section of your ward mentioned on it.
  2. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the student (on bag, books, copies, Almanac, jacket/blazer, track-suit, House T-shirt etc.)
  3. Parents are required to inform the School about any change in their Address or Mobile/Telephone number(s).
  4. Children, when sick, should not be sent to the School. In case the child reaches the School in sick condition, the parents shall be contacted by the School Reception, and the parents shall have to pick their ward from the School as early as possible. (The student shall not be permitted to attend the class in sick condition)
  5. If a child falls sick in the School or gets hurt in the School, the School shall provide First-Aid to the child in the School Infirmary and shall responsibly inform the parents. However, in case of emergency, the child shall be dropped home through the school conveyance.
  6. Parents are to send their ward to School in proper, tidy School uniform.
    (In case a student comes to School in any other dress, his/her parents shall be told to take him/ her home)
  7. Kindly make it a practice to go through your ward’s Almanac daily. See that the oral and written homework assigned for the day is done. Remarks put down in the Almanac should be checked and countersigned regularly.
  8. In case of any legitimate complaint or if parents feel that their ward is not making the desired progress, they should meet the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress at the earliest or write to him/ her personally.
  9. Parent’s attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of the teacher or School in the presence of the child should be scrupulously avoided because it may cause the student to lose respect towards teachers.
  10. Parents are advised to be conscious of the fact that THE SCHOOL IS ACTUALLY A SUPPLEMENT TO THE HOME; AND NOT IT’S SUBSTITUTE. It is very important that parents/guardians extend their co-operation to the School in all matters concerning their ward. Parents should help the child develop a study plan at home, and see that it is adhered to.
  11. Parents must read the Circulars, Notices and SMS sent by the School carefully.
  12. The School does not allow the children to bring any pocket-money with them. Kindly don’t send mobile-phones, watches, jewellery, bracelets, calculators, laptops, pendrive etc. with your ward. IN CASE OF LOSS, THE SCHOOL WILL NOT BEAR ANY RESPONSIBILITY.
  13. The parents will bear the rent of the costumes / jewellery / props etc. to be worn by their ward on School functions/ Dance competitions / Fancy dress shows / Sports events / Celebrations etc. Parents shall also bear the charges of the Professional Make-up team (if hired by the School) for functions or in case the School staff arranges to do the make-up of the students in the School. All such charges taken by the School shall be Non-refundable.
    Participation in such functions is not compulsory. Your ward will be selected for the Competitions / Functions only when you give your consent for the same.
  14. In case of a pulse polio team visiting the School on the orders of the Civil Surgeon, Sonipat or the Local Administration, the School shall get all those children immunised who have not been given the pulse polio drops at home. No consent of the parents shall be taken in this regard, as this immunization is harm-less and is in the interest of the society and the Nation.
  15. Parents are advised to make a file of all the Circulars, Notices and other material received from the School. This shall serve as a ready reference.
  16. All boys (except sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair properly with Red colour plastic bands or Red colour bands (made of cloth).
    • BOYS, WHO COME TO SCHOOL IN 'FANCY HAIR-STYLE' SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND THE SCHOOL TILL THEIR HAIR GROW NORMAL. (The student shall not be permitted to attend the school for a week or more in such a case)
      (Girl students are to tie their hair and are to come to School in simple ponytail)
    • SIKH BOYS ARE TO WEAR RED TURBAN ONLY (The School does not permit any other colour of the Turban)
  17. Lending/borrowing money or other articles (such as charts, maps, stationery, picture-cuttings etc.) is against the School rules.
  18. The School reserves the right to suspend those students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful for the other students.
  19. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue studies in the School.
  20. A student who uses unfair means during Tests or Exams shall be given no marks in that particular subject.
  21. If a student indulges in spoiling/ damaging School inventory/property, his/her parents shall have to pay the fine imposed by the School Authorities. The parents shall also have to get the inventory repaired or replaced with a new one.
  22. A student may be suspended if he/she shows nuisance, indiscipline, indecency and disrespect to teachers or classmates. He/she may be rusticated from the School if he/she indulges in grave omissions, quarrels/fights inside or outside the School (in the School bus), brings harmful objects to the School or encourages/assists others in doing unethical activities.
  23. Parents are to supervise and keep a check over the use of internet by their kids. There is an increasing trend among children to hook to social networking (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) these days, which sometimes leads to cyber-bullying. Strict disciplinary action will be initiated if a student is caught indulging in cyber-bullying.
  24. TC (Transfer Certificate) or SLC (School Leaving Certificate) may be issued to a student if a written request from parents is received at least ten days in advance. Parents are to submit the written request at the School Reception, and are to patiently wait for the numbers of days mentioned here. The School shall not accept the request of the Parents to issue the TC/ SLC/ Photocopy of the Report Card/ Fee Certificate/ any other document in haste. ON-THE-SPOT DEMAND OF THE PHOTOCOPY OF ANY OF THESE DOCUMENTS BY THE PARENTS SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE SCHOOL IN ANY CASE, AND THE PARENTS SHALL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ATLEAST 10 DAYS FOR THE REQUIRED DOCUMENT AFTER SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION FOR THE SAME.

    Note: The Parents should apply for SLC or TC in the month of March. In case the Parents don’t apply for SLC or TC in the month of March, their ward’s name shall automatically be transferred to the next higher class, and the Fee for April will be charged, even if the student has not attended the School even for a single day in the month of April.
    TC/SLC is issued after the student takes clearance from the Library, Sportsroom, Laboratories, and finally from the Accountant’s office of the School. Fee is charged for the month in which the student has attended the class-even for a single day.
  25. Date of birth once entered in the Admission & Withdrawal Register at the time of admission, is not changed in any case. (The School shall follow the name of the child mentioned in his/her BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and shall mention the same in the Admission & Withdrawal Register).
  26. It is prohibited to bring soft drinks, lassi, juice, buttermilk, liquid health-drinks, jaljeera, lemonade etc. to School. Strict action shall be taken against the student who brings any of these to the School.
    • Any type of weapon
    • Undesirable pictures/ books/magazines
    • Laptops and other expensive items
    • Fire crackers
    • Lighters, Match-boxes
    • Mobile phones (with or without SIM card)
    • Pendrives and Cds
    • Holi colours /balloons
    • Video Games/iPods and other such gadgets
    • Steel Scale (Ruler)
    • Wrist Watch
    • Scissors
    • Stapler
    • Memory Card
  28. If your ward is absent from the School, he/she must make-up for all the work missed by him/her.
  29. STRICTLY PROHIBITED : Sending Almanac or copy/copies of the absent child to the class teacher or subject teachers through the van driver/ conductor or any other person to get the classwork or homework for the day noted, is strictly prohibited.
  30. The school sends ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP’ with certain important Notices. The parents must send the ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP’ back to the class-teacher on the very next day after filling it up.
  31. Parents are, hereby, informed that in order to meet the rising expenses every year in terms of salaries, infrastructural needs and overall development of the School, there shall be a nominal hike in fee of upto 10-15% every year. In case of any orders by the government, like Pay Commission recommendations for increase in the salary of the staff etc, the School reserves the right to implement the same hike accordingly in School fee as well.
  32. It is the responsibility of the parents to intimate the Rickshaw-wala/Private Van driver hired by them regarding change in School timings during Exam days, functions, sudden declaration of holidays (on special occasions) etc.
  33. Students below the age of 18 years are not permitted to come to School driving Bike / Scooty/ Car / any other motor vehicle.
  34. Students are to bring their lunch box with them in the morning.
  35. It is compulsory for the Parents to write Application for their ward in their own handwriting only (and that too with pen: not pencil). Application must be duly signed by the Parents.
  36. Students studying in class 9th shall have to pay the Registration charges, as and when demanded by the CBSE.
  37. Allocation of seat in the classroom is totally based on the decision of the School, and parents' wish and will and demand in the change of seat of their ward / seating plan inside the classroom shall not be accepted.
  38. ON YOUR WARD’S BIRTHDAY : Parents are not to send their ward to School in casual dress on his/her birthday.
    Students of classes PP-II onwards are to come to School in REGULAR SCHOOL UNIFORM on their birthday. THEY ARE NOT TO COME TO SCHOOL IN CASUAL DRESS.
    Celebrations on ‘large scale’ are not allowed in the School. Sending Cake/Pastry/ Cold Drinks/ Frooti/ Juice etc. too is prohibited. (Parents may send sweets, chocolates, toffees).
    NOTE: In case the parents send any of the prohibited items (mentioned above) on their ward's Birthday, the School shall not get the items distributed among the students and the parents shall have to take back all the items from the School Reception.
    The School does not permit the students to distribute Gifts (of any kind) to class-mates and teachers on their birthday. DISTRIBUTION OF GIFTS IN THE SCHOOL PREMISES IS PROHIBITED. NOTE : The student is permitted to celebrate the birthday only on Birth-date as per School records. (The School shall not permit distribution of sweets on any other date than the BIRTH-DATE mentioned in the School Records)
  39. The School doesn’t permit any relative/friend of the parents to fetch their ward until and unless the parents personally or in writing inform the School authorities about the person who would come to fetch the child.
  40. IN CASE A STUDENT IS SUFFERING FROM COMMUNICABLE DISEASE : In such a case, the Parents are NOT TO SEND THE CHILD TO SCHOOL. They are to send an Application, informing the School about the child’s illness. In case the parents send the child to School, he/she shall not be permitted to sit in the class. He/she shall be made to sit at the Reception till the parents personally pick their ward from the School.
  41. IN CASE A STUDENT IS SUFFERING FROM COMMUNICABLE DISEASE DURING EXAMS (WRITTEN TEST): In this case, the student shall be made to appear for the test in a separate room, and the Parents shall have to wait at the School Reception till the student gets free. (In such a case the parents are to bring the child to School personally, and that too in proper School uniform. The student shall not be permitted to appear for the test/exam if he/she is not in proper school uniform).
  42. In case the parents send some medicine to be consumed by their ward in the School, they must inform the class teacher, School Reception and the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress through an application in writing about the same.
  43. Students of class 10th shall have to pay the separate Examination fee, as and when asked by the CBSE for appearing in the Board Exams (The School shall send a Notice to the parents regarding this)
  44. In case a student brings any unauthorised book/ magazine/ newspaper, CD, DVD, pen drive, memory card, mobile phone/ money/ debit or credit card/ any objectionable thing/ any expensive thing to the school by mistake or knowingly, the thing or money shall be kept in safe custody of the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress, and shall be handed over only to the parent. The parent shall have to come personally to the school to collect the thing or money. The school shall not send the thing/ money through the child/ Van Driver.
  45. The School reserves the right to print/ publish/ display the photographs of any student studying in the School for any kind of advertisement of the School/ on flex/ on display boards/ in the newspapers/ in the form of pamphlets of the School etc. The parents of the child shall have no objection to this, and the School need not take any permission from the parents for the same.
  46. Every student of the School is responsible to keep his/her School premises and classroom clean. The students may be engaged in duties to clean their classroom/ School premises from time to time. Such activities too are a part of educating children, and the parents shall co-operate the School in all respects in this regard. The parents shall have no objection to any such duty given to their ward in the School.
  47. The students are not permitted to converse in any local language during the School hours and in the School bus. Students are to converse in English and Hindi language only. (Hindi is to be used only during Hindi and Sanskrit classes). STRICT ACTION SHALL BE TAKEN AGAINST THE STUDENT WHO IS FOUND CONVERSING IN LOCAL LANGUAGE.
  48. Car parking inside the School premises can be a problem on occasions like PTMs/ Functions/ Gatherings etc. as only limited number of cars and two wheelers can be parked inside the School. On such occasions, the School shall allow only those parents to park their vehicle inside the School who enter the School premises early. The others (who come after the parking area inside the School is full) shall have to park their cars/ bikes outside the School at their own risk. Parents shall not argue with the School Staff/ Security guards on duty in such a case.
  49. THE PARENTS, WHO SEND THEIR WARDS IN PRIVATE VANS ARE TO NOTE: In case the private van driver (who regularly brings the students to the school in the private van) sends any other driver to drop the children in the school or to pick them from the School in the afternoon, it shall be the duty and responsibility of the parents to inform the School Reception about the same through a note in the almanac or an application in writing. AT THE SAME TIME, PARENTS SHALL ENTIRELY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR WARDS, WHO ARE UNDER THE CUSTODY OF THE NEW PRIVATE VAN DRIVER. (THE SCHOOL SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DRIVER WHO IS NOT ON THE ROLLS OF THE SCHOOL)
  50. The School may change the section of a student if he/she is found to be creating indiscipline in the class. This decision of change of section of the student shall be taken by the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress in case of special cases, and the parents and the student shall have to accept the decision.