Fee is to be deposited by the parents in
  1. Fee can be paid in any branch of ICICI Bank from 1st to 10th of the month (without late fee fine) and from 11th of the month to the 15th of the month (with a fixed late fee fine of Rs. 300/-)
  2. There are three branches of ICICI Bank in Sonipat City (Model Town, Sikka Colony - Delhi Road, Sector - 15), but the fee can be deposited in any branch of ICICI Bank in any city of India.
  3. ICICI Bank offers various facilities to the parents to submit the fee. The parents may deposit the fee through RTGS, NEFT, Net Banking, UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque and in Cash.
  4. Parents may visit : and enter their mobile number to pay the fee through this module.
    The parents shall not have to personally visit the bank to pay the fee. Through this module and through various other options given by the ICICI Bank, they may submit the fee on any day, at any time and even on Sundays and on other Bank Holidays.
  1. Important to Note : ICICI Bank shall send an SMS (message) to the parents to pay the fee. The parents can pay the fee online through the link mentioned in the message or may choose any other mode of payment (details given below).
  2. The name of a student shall be struck off the rolls by the Principal/ Headmistress of the school on account of non-payment of fees and other dues for 10 days after the last day for payment (NOTE : Last date to deposit the fee is 10th of every month)
  3. Re-admission shall not be automatic. Re-admission shall entirely depend on the satisfaction of the Principal/ Headmistress. Re-admission Fee of Rs. 2000/- shall be charged from a student whose name is struck off the rolls due to non-payment of fee/other dues within the given time period.
  4. Fee, once paid, will not be refunded. (This includes Admission Fee/Development Charges, Tuition Fee and Transportation Fee).
  5. School Fee and dues cover Twelve calendar months.
  6. Parents should kindly keep the Fee deposit receipts in safe custody, and produce them to the School as proof of their payment.
  7. In case of any doubt regarding the payment of any dues, parents/guardians are advised to make the payment first, and then clarify the matter. IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS TO PRODUCE THE FEE DEPOSIT RECEIPT IN SUCH A CASE.
  8. Brother-sister concession/ Sibling concession/ Any other kind of concession: The School does not provide any sort of concession in the Development Fee/ Admission fees or in the Tuition Fee and transportation fee.


Eazy Pay

Eazypay lets you pay the Fee conveniently. You can pay the Fee by any of the following modes of payment:

  • Online Mode: Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card.
  • Offline Mode (Challan): Cheque, Cash, RTGS/NEFT


A) Click on URL received in SMS
B) Enter your mobile number
C) Enter OTP received on mobile
D) View fees for payment
E) Select Fee to be paid and proceed for payment
F) Accept terms & conditions
G) Select mode of payment


Debit Card & Credit Card:
A) You will be directed to pay through Bank Debit & Credit Card
B) Select your Card issuing Bank
C) Enter Card details and pay
Net banking:
A) You will be directed to multiple bank options for payment.
B) Select your Bank
C) Enter Login bank details and pay
NOTE : The Parents shall have to bear the extra charges imposed by ICICI Bank (if any) for Fee transactions.

OFFLINE MODE (Ensure to generate Challan before making payment):

Change Explorer Settings to activate POP-UP:
A) Click Chrome menu: top right hand corner of your browser
B) Select Settings
C) Click on “Show advanced settings”
D) Under the "Privacy" section, click the “Content settings” button.
E) In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups."
F) Done
A) Select RTGS / NEFT
B) Generate Challan
C) Visit your bank to make remit fund through RTGS/ NEFT
Cheque / Demand Draft :
A) Select Cheque
B) Fill cheque detail
C) Generate Challan
D) Visit ICICI Bank branch and deposit cheque.
Cash :
A) Select Cash
B) Generate Challan
C) Visit ICICI Bank branch and deposit cash.
NOTE : The Parents shall have to bear the extra charges imposed by ICICI Bank (if any) for Fee transactions.


(Fee is to be deposited by the Parents in ICICI Bank)
  • Fee for April, 2019

  • In the beginning of the session (with the Admission fee: FOR NEW ADMISSION CASES)
  • In the beginning of the session (with the Development Fee : FOR OLD STUDENTS)
  • Fee for May, 2019
  • Fee for June, 2019
  • Fee for July, 2019
  • Fee for August, 2019
  • Fee for September, 2019
  • Fee for October, 2019
  • Fee for November, 2019
  • Fee for December, 2019
  • Fee for January, 2020
  • Fee for February, 2020
  • Fee for March, 2020
  • Latest by 10th May,2019
  • Latest by 10th June,2019
  • Latest by 10th July,2019
  • Latest by 10th August,2019
  • Latest by 10th September,2019
  • Latest by 10th October,2019
  • Latest by 10th November,2019
  • Latest by 10th December,2019
  • Latest by 10th January,2020
  • Latest by 10th February,2020
  • Latest by 10th March,2020
For Parents, who don't want to deposit the fee on monthly basis, and are willing to deposit fee for more than one month in one go:
Such Parents may do so after submitting a request through an Application in writing in the name of Principal/ Headmistress well in advance
(Submit the Application before the beginning of the next month: BEFORE 15th OF THE MONTH)
No concession in Fee shall be given to such cases