1. Students are to maintain discipline while entering and while working in the Laboratories. They are to follow the instructions of the teacher present in the Laboratory.
  2. Students must take care while handling the apparatus, instruments and appliances.
  3. In case a student breaks/ spoils any apparatus in the Laboratories, he/she shall have to make good for the breakage/ loss/damage.
    Parents shall have to pay for the losses as per the fine imposed by the Principal.
  4. Students must switch off the computers properly before leaving the computer lab.
  5. Students must arrange the furniture of the laboratories in apple-pie-order after use.
  6. Working with various chemicals in Science Laboratory can be harmful, if not dealt with care. The students have to be very particular while using chemicals.
  7. SCIENCE LABORATORY COAT: It is compulsory for students of class 9th onwards to wear Science Laboratory coat whenever they have their SCIENCE LABORATORY PERIOD or SCIENCE LABORATORY EXAM.
  • NOTE: The students, who don't bring their own Science Lab. coat, shall not be permitted to perform experiments in the
    Science laboratory, and the experiments shall not be repeated in the Science Laboratory again for such students.

General Guidelines for School Transport & Transport Fee

  1. Transport fee is to be paid by the Parents in ICICI Bank.
  2. Transport Fee:
    • Fee for the students coming from Sonipat City: Rs. 1300/- per month.
    • Fee for the students coming from places near Ratangarh: Rs. 900/- per month.
  3. If the Transport fee is not paid in the bank in the due time (on or before the 10th of the respective month) it can be paid with late fee fine in ICICI Bank only. (Though the School transportation facility shall not be provided to the defaulter students from 11th of the month)
  4. NOTE : If the 10th of the month is a holiday, then 9th of the month (or the last working day before 10th) shall be considered as the last date for parents to submit the Transport fee in the bank.
  5. Fee will be accepted with the late fee fine by ICICI Bank after 10th of the month. It shall have to be deposited in the Bank along with late fine. Late fee fine: Rs. 300/- (can be paid in ICICI Bank on any day between 11th and 15th of the month).
  6. If the Transport fee is not paid by 10th of the month, the School transport facility shall NOT be provided to the defaulter student from the next day (i.e. from 11th of the month)
  7. School bus/van fee shall be charged for 12 months (April, 2019 to March, 2020).
  8. It is important to note that the students shall not be picked from the residence of the students. Common bus stops shall be made for students, where the students of that locality shall gather to board the bus.
  9. Parents must reach the Bus stop in time (5-10 minutes before the scheduled time). The van/bus shall wait for the student only for 1 minute (60 seconds). If the student doesn’t reach the Bus stop in time, the van/bus shall not wait for the student, and shall leave.
  10. In case the roads of a particular route are in a bad shape/are under construction/have been blocked due to certain reasons, the route planned by the Transport Incharge shall be changed till the roads are constructed or the blocked roads are opened. THE PARENTS SHOULD HAVE NO OBJECTION TO SUCH CHANGES.
  11. The School has the policy of not providing the conveyance facility to any child in the mid of the session. The students, who opt for School conveyance facility in the months of March, April shall only be entertained.
  12. School transport facility is not mandatory.
  13. Students can avail the School transport facility subject to the availability of seats.
  14. VERY IMPORTANT: It is important for parents and students to note that availing the facility of School conveyance may be refused to the students, who don’t maintain discipline inside the School bus. IT IS COMPULSORY FOR STUDENTS TO TRAVEL IN THE SCHOOL BUS IN A DISCIPLINED WAY. The School bus facility may be refused to defaulter students any time in between the session, and then it shall be the responsibility of the parents to pick and drop their ward from the School.
  15. No student should come near the entry door (of the bus/van) unless it stops completely.
  16. Students must board and de-board their bus/van only at the respective stops assigned to them.
  17. Students must maintain discipline and decorum inside the School bus. Any student found indulging in fights or heard using abusive language in the School bus shall be denied the School transport facility.
  18. Rowdy, disruptive behaviour, aggressiveness, shrieking, shouting or any kind of unruly behaviour inside the bus is strictly prohibited.
  19. When the school bus is in motion, students must not move around in the bus and no part of their body should be protruding outside the bus.
  20. Throwing things inside or outside the bus is not permitted.
  21. Students are not to deface or destroy the School buses/vans. If found guilty for the same, strict action shall be taken against the child and the parents shall have to pay fo the damage done by their ward.
  22. Students should strictly obey and cooperate with the teachers inside the bus and with the conductor and driver. Any disrespect in this regard shall be seriously dealt with.
  23. In case of any problem with regard to driver or conductor of the bus, the Parents shall send a note in writing to the Transport Incharge or they may submit it at the School Reception.
  24. Parents’ entry inside the School bus, and their falling in arguments/conflicts with the driver/conductor or with other students/teachers inside the bus is strictly prohibited.Wards of such parents shall be denied the School transport facility.
    NOTE: Parents are to meet the Principal in case they want to discuss any issue/ problem related to the School Transport.
  25. Parents are not to disturb the driver by making phone calls on his mobile.
  26. In case a student had stopped coming by School conveyance in the mid of the last session, and had not paid the dues/fee for that month in the last session, he/she shall be provided School conveyance facility in this session only when the earlier dues (of the last session) are cleared and payment is made for the particular month of the last session.
  27. Parents are free to hire private vehicles (van, auto-rickshaw, rickshaw) for their ward.
  28. The School shall not bear any responsibility of any dispute between the driver of the private vehicle and Parents or regarding fee being charged by the private vehicle or regarding the safety of students going in the private vehicle chosen by the Parents.
  29. In case of hiring a private vehicle for their ward, the Parents shall have to submit the Name and Mobile number of the driver of the private Van/ Rickshaw/ Auto-rickshaw with the CLASS TEACHER and at the SCHOOL RECEPTION.
  30. As the drivers and conductors of the private vans/ vehicles (hired by the parents) are not the staff members of the School, therefore, the School shall not be responsible for their regular attendance, change of private van, change of driver or conductor of private vans in between the session, their police verification and character certificate. PARENTS SHALL BE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE POINTS RELATED TO THE PRIVATE VEHICLE HIRED BY THEM.
  31. It is important for parents and students to note that the School buses are not luxury buses, where only two students shall sit on one seat. The School buses shall transport students as per the government norms made for the Schools. (At times 3 or 4 students may be seated on one seat)
  32. Arguments by the parents regarding seating-plan inside the bus, and regarding giving preference to their ward to sit on a particular seat shall not be entertained. It is entirely on the teachers and conductor inside the bus to decide where to make a student sit.
  33. Parents are advised to escort their ward personally to the bus stop (in the morning and afternoon). Parents must wait at the bus stop till the bus/van arrives. It is important for the safety and security of their ward.
  34. If a parent wishes to get the bus number of his/ her ward changed due to change in his/her address, he/she shall have to seek permission from the Principal/ Headmistress by sending an application in writing for the same. The change shall be made only if approved by the Principal/ Headmistress.


  1. The Library will open at the same time as the School. However, the issue and return will stop 30 minutes before closing the School. NOTE: Books shall be issued to the students of class 4th onwards.
  2. Students may get 1 book issued at a time.
  3. The date on which the book is returned will be mentioned on the due date slip.
  4. Students may keep the book with them for 15 days only.
  5. The books which need repair/ binding shall not be issued.
  6. Books marked as 'Reference Books' will not be issued.
  1. If a student fails to return the borrowed book on time, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day shall be charged from the student.
    (Students are to return the borrowed book to the Librarian only, and to no other staff-member)
  2. Students are allowed to make reservation for any book.
  3. Personal books or belongings such as bags etc. are not allowed in the Library.
  4. The School Library belongs to the students. They are to ensure its safety, and are to avoid causing damage to its property. If a student indulges in spoiling/ damaging the Library inventory/property, his/her parents shall have to pay the fine imposed by the School Authorities. The parents shall also have to get the inventory repaired or replaced with a new one.
  5. It is prohibited to:
    • Tear any page or picture from the books, newspapers or magazines.
    • Put any mark with a pen or pencil on any book.
  6. Students are free to take out the books of their interest. In any case they are to replace the books back on the shelves after use.
  7. No eatables are allowed in the Library.
  8. Decorum & silence is to be maintained in the Library.



  1. Parents must attend the PTMs so that teachers and parents could jointly discuss the progress of the students, and the problems being faced by the students/parents/teachers.
  2. PTMs may also be scheduled in the afternoon/ evening or on Sundays. Parents shall be informed about the timings through a Notice/ SMS in such a case.
  3. It is compulsory for parents (Mother or father or both) to attend the PTMs. The class teacher/ subject teachers shall not meet any relative of the students (Uncle/Aunt/Grandparents/Brother/Sister) on the PTMs to discuss the progress or problem of the child.
    The class teacher/subject teachers shall also not meet any tutor of the child (who gives tuition to the child) on PTMs.
  4. Parents are advised to be punctual on the PTMs. Parents must read the Notice sent by the school (regarding PTM) very carefully, and must follow the instructions given in the Notice.
  5. Parents are advised to show respect to the School and the School staff. Parents are not to fall into arguments with the teachers or other staff-member on the PTM. In case of any problem, the parents are free to give a complaint to the Principal/Headmistress in writing.
  6. Parents shall not be permitted to meet the Principal/Vice Principal/Headmistress/School Management in form of a group or mob or crowd. They are to meet them one-by-one, and that too when called to their office through the School Reception. Parents must show patience and decency on PTMs.
  7. MEETING THE CLASS TEACHER/ SUBJECT TEACHERS: Parents are not to hover around the class teacher/ subject teacher. They are to calmly discuss their ward's performance one-by-one as per the serial number (Parents are to collect the TOKEN NUMBER from the class teacher immediately after entering the room for the PTM).
  8. All PTMs of the session 2019-20 shall be held at The Vedic Era Progressive School, Ratangarh, Sonipat.
  9. Parents may meet the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress/ Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher on working Mondays, but only after seeking prior appointment for the meeting. Parents may contact the School Reception for this appointment.
    NOTE : The Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress/ Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher shall be able to give appointment only if their schedule permits them.